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Did You Know?
To setup a registered charity, is an estimated upfront cost of $20,000 dollars plus ongoing audits, and upkeep of such a structure.

OnePurseOnePlanet (OPOP) is a registered umbrella charity that lowers the barrier of entry for people who wish to participate in charitable activities allowing people to bring their projects to OnePurseOnePlanet.

  OnePurseOnePlanet removes this cost by adding it as a project to our existing structure, so people with a passion or vision can focus on the delivery of their projects rather than the inherent compliance and administration, functions required by a government registered charity status.

Current Projects


  • Free Wholistic Play-based Guiding Way – Individuals

Inspired Living Events

Inspired Living KIDS

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Taking the cost of Sustainable Housing down to $50,000 AUD
  • Building Rock Apartments that keep a cool temperature of 25 Degrees all year round.
  •  Each apartment has an optional greenhouse that can grow crops for 4 people consistently all year round.

Wise Wild Women Immersions is all about helping women that are so domesticated in there day to day life and helping them find their spiritual passionate purpose to fore fill their creative entrepreneurial skills that they are urging and bubbling at the seams to find and implement.

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