Wild Wise Woman Immersion

What we are from 4 different woman’s views

Wise Wild Woman 1
Wise Wild Women is about women connecting back to their divine femininity, their inner wisdom, their intuition, it's women coming home to their bodies, to their soul. A Wise Wild Woman is one who lives her life truthfully to her song, her calling and radiates her light undimished by others and holds space for others to do the same. She is connecting to the earth, to her womb, to the sky, to the stars, the moon. She comes from a place of love and fierceness of knowing who she is and standing up for what is right and being able to express it is a non-violent or confrontational way. This Wise Wild Woman is one who can't be swayed from her path no matter the obstacles and will always help those along her journey. She is one with herself and the world around her and her biggest gift is that to co-create. To co-create with her sisters, with the earth, with the universe in creating a better more aligned way of being.

Wise Wild Woman 2
Wise Wild Women is where no one woman is in competition with one other, you have equality to share your passion and spread your seeds so that the seeds grow inside others, the seeds turn into roots building uniqueness and being Impeccable with your every action, then your leaves grow bring in the flowing-ness of what you are truly about and people are starting to feel it within there being-ness and then the flowers grow and people see you shine, Shining Bright your wisdom, your maturity, and your complacency. Being True to you and others seeing this without words!! then this is my definition of Wise Wild Women.

Wise Wild Woman 3
Divine Wise Wild Women, is a place where we can all come together to connect and feel free to be ourselves... allowing our self to find our inner-voice through many different process’s which we all are able to provide for through the specific journey you need to take in a loving, nurturing and spiritual way.. Allowing us to find the strength and courage to follow our hearts and be all that we can be.
Allowing you to release all that no longer serves you in a safe and loving group, with no judgment. Being surrounded with so much love and support by all, a place where we can grow to our fullest a place where we all come together

Wise Wild Woman 4
It is a woman who is deeply connected and committed to herself, who knows herself deeply without apology, who sees herself and others as sacred, who doesn’t look to others to define who she can be, who is self-governing and self-responsible, who celebrates and supports other women generously to discover their own way of being in the world, who trailblazers new ways of being and relating as a women in the world, who walks her talk and passes on the experiences and wisdom she has collected on her journey, who lives in harmony with the earth, who listens to her heart above all else... That and much more
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